How I Get A Flawless Makeup Base.

In no way am I a professional, nor do I expect my advice to be taken as hard facts but I do feel like over the last few years I have perfected my makeup base! Most of this is from binge watching YouTuber's when I should've been revising for my A Levels but hey ho, if you feel like listening to an 18 year old with too much time on her hands, feel free to read on!

Stepone – wash, exfoliate and moisturise your face and neck.

This will remove any dead skin and smooth the texture out so products apply more evenly and effortlessly.

Steptwo – use targeted primers for each section of your face.

What I mean by this is only use your primer in the areas it's relevant to. For example I only apply my MAC Matte in oily prone areas, and I apply my No7PoreMinimisingPrimer in the areas I have visible pores. This will prevent you drying out areas that aren't oily to begin with, or having too much primer on in general which can cause more problems further down the makeup line.

Step three – apply your foundation/foundations.

As I splurged loads of the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation I tend to use this in combination with my other foundations to keep it matte and in place all day. Also to stop the nightmares of how much I had I spent on it..but anyway, as the Lock It is in a lighter shade than my currently tanned self, I usually apply it in dots to the central portion of my face, and a more tan shade around the perimeter to bronze it up. I then blend it in with my Real Techniques buffingbrush, and smooth out any brush lines with a dampened beauty blender.


Step four - concealer.

I also spent way too much on Kat Von D Lock It Concealer,  so I put it to good use as concealer and highlight. I dot this under my eyes all the way to my cheekbone, on my chin and the bridge of my nose. I then blend this out with my beauty blender and bake it all with No7 Loose Transulcent Powder. Baking is where you apply excess amounts of loose powder to a concealer to eliminate fine lines,  creasing and it moving throughout the day. Well at least that's what I learnt from my lengthy time on YouTube…and it seems to work!


Step five – contour and bronzer.

This is the art of creating false shadows with darker creams or powders to get rid of that second chin you've been rocking since christmas, like me, or to carve out some cheekbones and a more petite nose. I always apply a cream contour (Revolution, Cream Contour Pallete in Fair) to my cheeks and jaw line, and blend it out with a beautyblender. (See the picture below for the placement of the contour). I then use powder contour, of course again it's a No7 product, the Beautifully Defined Contour Kit in Light/Medium, to set the cream contour and define my face even further. Finally I add Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder to the perimeter of my face to warm it up to match my current tanned skin tone.


Step six – brows.

Because I'm super extra and my brows have always been lacking fullness I had them tattooed on last month, so my brow routine only consists of wiping away any makeup that's got into them. Occasionally I will darken them up if I'm doing super glam makeup, and for this I use Make Up Forever Aqua Brow to define the tail, and Tanya Burr's Brow Kit to softly colour the fronts. These are the products that I used for a whole year until I got my brows tattooed, so I barely use them anymore, but can vouch for their quality from my past use!


Step seven – setting spray.

Another trick I found via YouTube, and actually works really well is setting spray. It helps to keep shine at bay, and lock in all of the powder and cream products you've applied. Doing this before eye makeup ensures that none of it will move while you're doing your eyes, and that you're good to go once your eyes and lips are done. The best setting spray I've found is MAC Fix +.


Step eight – highlight.

The final step I do with my base is adding highlighter. I've always preferred powder highlight as it generally sits better on my makeup than creams or liquids. I have always been a devoted user of the Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Peach Goddess, which apply generous amounts of metallic highshine highlight, and have also recently began using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped which provide the same effect.




These are all the tips and tricks I have to tell you guys about, so I hope this helps you to get the perfect base for your makeup every time! Feel free to comment any topics you'd like to see me write about, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Lots of love


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