Getting My Brows Microbladed and Tattoo’d On!

Hey guys, this is kind of a photo and camera diary of the whole process of having my permanent brow makeup done, and the aftercare!

Thestudio: Pure Ink Tattoo & Beauty Lounge, Gt Yarmouth!

I can’t recommend Laura and Shannon’s studio enough, I go here for all my tattoo’s as well as cosmetic tattoo’s (my brows) and they’re always so friendly and super professional!



These are photos of my brows before the top up. The top up sessions are required to reach full pigmentation and colouration and is included in the initial price as it is necessary. I don’t have a photo of my brows before session one, but this is a huge improvement already on my natural brows, and after my top up session was improved even further!

Theprocess; outlining the shape!


First Laura outlined the shape we were going for, and applied some numbing ointment onto my brows!

Next; let the tattooing begin!



Here’s a super unflattering video of me having the tattooing part done, its just like a regular tattoo gun but with softer different needles and less pressure.

Nextup; leaving the ink to sit a little while.


This part looks hilarious, I know, but it is important in ensuring all the ink has settled into the brows and will take properly in the healing process!


Then; microblading! Not for the weak stomached 😉



This part is where a microblade (7 little needles in a row) are dipped in the ink and dragged across the skin to create a little hair-like cut, which is filled with ink to create the appearance of a natural brow hair. This makes the finished look appear more natural and adds some depth to the brows.


Until the scabs come off you shouldn’t get your brows wet at all, and if you’re super extra like me this involved sticking clingfilm to my forehead in the shower as a barrier..but that’s just me. You also should apply whatever ointment you were supplied, for me it was Vitamin A&D Ointment once a day before bed, or twice if you have very dry skin to prevent the scabs coming off early. Here’s some video logs of how my healing went!








Day 5;







Soooo, here are my end thoughts!

The process isn’t painful at all,  however once you get home and the numbness wears off they’re slightly sore for the first evening, this goes away by the second day. The healing process isn’t itchy or annoying like a regular tattoo however they are much easier to mess up by knocking scabs off before they’re ready. This was 100% worth it for me as I don’t wear makeup everyday, believe it or not, and when I’m without makeup I still look like I’ve made the effort to do my brows!




R. x


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