My 5 Favourite Eye Shadow Palettes.

Hey fellow makeup addicts, sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been away on holiday! But now I’m back lets dive into my favourite 5 eye shadow palettes!

1) Modern Renaissance – Anastasia Beverly Hills – £41.00  –  £2.92 a shade

Pigmentation – 10/10  Blend-ability – 9/10  Wear time – 10/10

I only recently got this palette two and a half months ago and I’ve never fallen in love faster! I wanted it for ages but couldn’t justify the price tag, and my good listener of a boyfriend ended up getting me it for our anniversary, yes.. I did cry! The pigmentation is insane and this is helped by it’s slightly more powdery consistency compared to stiffer formula’s, so its easy to pack the colour on and get varying opacity from each shade! The two metallic shades Vermeer and Primavera are very high shine and work very well with and without Mac Fix +! It blends beautifully and also wears for a very long time, I absolutely love this palette and couldn’t fault it in any way! Even the brush is super soft!!

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2) The Nubian 2 – Juvia’s Place – £30.00  –  £2.50 a shade

Pigmentation – 8/10 matte, 10/10 metallic  Blend-ability – 8/10  Wear time – 8/10

This is my favourite palette when its comes to packaging, the colour’s are so bright and beautiful, just like the shadows inside! Juvia’s Place is a Indi brand and has recently become very popular in the beauty community, so when I got an email from beauty bay saying they now had it stocked I had to buy it! The metallic shimmers in this palette are unbelievable, they don’t require any liquid medium to be absolutely gorgeous! They are best applied with your fingers to get a really opaque high shine finish but they blend so easily that that isn’t an issue at all! The matte shades are slightly stiffer in their formula and take a bit of building up to full colour but because of the high quality of the metallic shades and the huge pans this is still one of my favourite palettes!!

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3) 35OM Palette – Morphe  £22.50  –  £0.64 a shade

Pigmentation – 9/10  Blend-ability – 10/10  Wear time – 8/10

There was so much hype about these palettes last year so, because I’m a sheep when it comes to makeup hypes, I had to get one! This is now by far my favourite affordable palette, because despite each shade costing just £0.64 it still has such good quality shadows! Each pan is a decent size and the formula of each shade is consistent. The palette has mostly warm tones but some cool too, and it makes matte looks effortless to achieve! There is little to no fallout or kickback on these shadows, so you can easily apply them after your face makeup. I would highly recommend any Morphe Palette’s to anyone who’s starting out at makeup and wants a large palette but doesn’t have a huge budget! l love love love them!

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4) Naked 3 – Urban Decay – £39.50  – £3.29 a shade

Pigmentation – 6/10  Blend-ability – 9/10  Wear time – 8/10

When I first got this palette I wasn’t in love with it and put it away for a couple months in a sulk, but boy am I glad I gave it a second chance. I bought a load of new brushes of much better quality and soon decided this palette was way better than I had previously decided. This was probably due to the cheap brushes I was trying to use with it. The result with this palette now is a gorgeous pinky nude look, which can be glammed up with the use of the darker shades and high shine shimmers, or made more natural with the matte pinks and nudes. The shadows have medium pigmentation but are easy to build up and blend out so are really nice to work with! Over time and improving my own makeup skills I’ve found a place in my heart for this palette and it sits proud as one of my top 5!

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5) Rose Golden Palette – Zoeva – £18.00  –  £1.80 a shade

Pigmentation – 8/10  Blend-ability – 10/10  Wear time – 9/10

This palette was the first palette I bought once I found my dreamland of Beauty Bay, and it’s always been a staple to bring with me whenever I travel! The pigment of the shadows is amazing for the price, and the packaging is gorgeous! I also have the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette and the packaging and quality of that is gorgeous too. The pans are quite big and the shadows are the perfect consistency, not too powdery and not too stiff! The metallics in this palette are super gorgeous dry, and foil very well when dampened with fix+. The very low cost of this palette, and the high quality of the shadows is the reason this is in my top 5!

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Enjoy reading and I’ll try and post soon, sorry for the wait!



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